How to Search For Denver Homes on the Internet For Free

Over 70% of the home searches begin with the internet. Most of the people searching for homes on the internet are younger, college educated, gainfully employed and very tech savvy. However, the same real estate internet portals are used over and over again. Typically, home searches will use the sites of the National Association of Realtors, the Real Estate company or the Real Estate agent’s site.If you use the National Association of Realtors site, it’s probably because they rank at the top after all they’re one of the biggest lobbying groups in the country. The second option is the real estate company site. Usually they promote their listings very heavily so you may not a true and accurate representation of homes available.If you’re working with a real estate agent and they directed you to their website, they have an IDX enabled website which allows you to view homes on the MLS. You will need to create a login with personal information and once you start looking at homes, the agent can see what homes you’ve viewed. It’s like big brother is watching everything you see and do.So where do you begin? Where can you search for homes with anonymously without having to fill out complex forms. Here are ways to search for Denver Real Estate for free:CRAIGSLISTThe best way to search for homes. Properties are listed by owners and real estate agents on a daily basis. They also have a RSS feed of their Denver home listings.GOOGLESimply search Google for the search terms “Denver homes” or “Denver real estate” and the first result you’ll get is a simple form to search Google Base, Google’s database of real estate listings.HOMES AND LANDIf you’ve ever walked in Downtown Denver, you’ve seen the multiple real estate magazines that are stored in magazine dispensers throughout the area. One of these magazines is Homes and Land.RECOLORADOIf you do a search for denver homes, in Google. One of the top listed results is brought to you by Metrolist, the MLS system that Denver uses. It should show you the most amount of listings.DENVER POST/ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWSIn the old days real estate agents would post their listings in the newspaper. While this is an antiquated way of promoting listings, the Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News has an extensive list of homes available in their classified ads.Searching for a Denver home should be easy and accessible for everyone. While there are countless other ways to search for Denver Homes for free, these are the best.