Used Manufactured Homes – Tips for Finding a Quality Used Manufactured Home for Sale

The great thing about buying a used manufactured home is that, unlike a traditional home, it can be moved wherever you need it.There are many places to look for a used manufactured home. You can start with the classified ads, both ads in your local newspaper and online at sites such as Craigslist. If you are searching online, you can also check out eBay as well as sites specializing in mobile homes. You can also check your local yellow pages as many mobile home sales companies sell used as well as new homes.Searching for a used manufactured home is only part of the process. You also want to make sure you buy a good one.You need to determine the actual value of the mobile home. Since manufactured homes depreciate and lose value more quickly, you may find that the home is not worth the asking price. You can find the standard value of a particular brand, style and year of manufactured home by checking the Blue Book at your local public library. (You may have to ask a librarian help you obtain this information from another library.) You can also ask your local bank or manufactured home dealership for this information.Value is also determined by such add-ons as decks, garages, additional rooms and the like that can increase the value. Check with the local county appraisers offer to find out how the manufactured home property has been appraised for tax purposes.You also need to thoroughly evaluate the condition of the home. As manufactured homes age, they suffer from the same ills as traditional homes…wiring or plumbing problems, aging furnaces, and the like.The best way to do determine the value and condition of the manufactured home you are considering buying is by hiring an appraiser with experience in appraising manufactured homes. Check the yellow pages or ask your local bank for recommendations.By the way, if you are planning on keeping the manufactured home where it sits, you need to be approved by the mobile home park where the home is located. Make sure you do that before buying the home or you may find you need to move when you were not planning on it. Not only that, but check out the park itself as you may find that you actually do not want to stay that after all.