Free Poetry Contests

A lot of poets are always looking to enter poetry contests. Poetry competitions can be free to enter or charge you a fee to enter. Writers most often search for the free ones. Poem competitions can be set up as a general contest which would allow people to submit any style of poetry or set up as an inspirational, motivational, love, urban or Christian poem contest.

In inspirational poem contest poets are most often told to enter a poem that is in some kind of way inspiring. Poems about overcoming a difficult challenge, hope or self confidence could be entered into an inspirational poetry contest. People who like writing inspiring poems are probably the most likely ones to enter.

Motivation poem competitions usually require people to enter a poem that is motivational. A poem about achieving a goal, gaining something or on self-esteem can be entered into a motivation poem competition. Motivation poetry is written a lot by writers. Just hearing about a motivation poem contest could motivate a person to write a motivational poem.

When it comes to love poems love poetry competitions requires poets to enter a poem in the area of love. A love poem can be about romance, family or friendship. Because a lot of people write love poetry lots of poets look for love poetry contests to enter. Most times when writers write love poems it’s about the love that they have for another person that they are in a relationship with.

Urban poetry is a very popular form of poetry. African American writers are most known for writing urban poetry because of urban culture. For a poet to enter an urban poetry competition their poem would have to relate to urban culture in some kind of way. Urban poetry is generally written with urban style words.

A short story poetry competition is a competition that usually requires a person to enter a short poem that is written in a story style. Poets who write fantasy or fiction poetry are most likely the ones to be interested in a contest like this. Short story poems can be written about any thing as long as it’s in the style of a story.

Christian poem contests are competitions based on Christian’s faith in God. These contests most likely would require that the enter poem be about God in some kind of way. Writers who often write pure poems or go to church are usually the ones who enter this kind of poem contest. At the same time poets who do not believe in God or have faith in God may enter a Christian poem competition with a poem that explains their disbelief in God.

Before entering a poetry competition it may be wise to know a little about the host of the competition. Some people set up poetry competition scams in order to gain something most of the time money. Poetry competitions may be found online, in a magazine and hosted by local community business or organizations. Poems entered into poetry competitions are usually very creative so in order to win the competition a person should try to write a great poem.