Variable Speed Limit Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are used by local administrators in several cases to ensure public safety. They may be used in commercial and private premises for different purposes. For instance, fire safety signs are used to show the public where to run in case of an emergency. Similarly, road signs are used for a variety of purposes, some to ensure drivers follow the speed limit, and others to ensure drivers are warned about steep curves, upcoming speed breakers and so on. In some cases, these signs can also be used to inform people about variable limits. For instance,

Highway Mandatory Signs

Some Highways may have different limits based on their length, location and state of build. Highways that run straight through long stretches of land may have static speeds.

These will usually be high and other mandatory signs to warn drivers of slopes or sudden curves, maybe even speed breakers will be put up. Signs that point out the nearest restrooms, petrol pumps and eateries will also be put up in abundance for long distance road travellers to benefit from it.

Furthermore, there may be some variations in speed, for instance, a lower limit close to eateries or petrol pumps and high ones in open areas. Signs will be put up indicating the change so drivers can drive within the allotted speed accordingly.

Signs on City Roads

You will also find variations in speed within city limits. Crowded city roads, those that are near schools, market places or commercial premises will generally are lower so that the safety of both the car driver and the passersby are ensured.

Open city roads, those running through the wilderness or other open areas will generally have higher limits. Along these roads, different signs indicating the changes will be put up at regular intervals.

You will find these signs near curbs, crossings and even on the sides of the main roads. It is important to observe these signs and drive accordingly. By following the higher speed of another stretch of the road in a place where you should be driving slower could lead to fines and traffic violations.

How They Help?

By putting up mandatory signs on roads specifying the variable limits, local administrators help ensure the safety of drivers and passersby. It is not possible to remember where the 50 kmph ended and where the 30 kmph began. This is why signs are put up, to point out the place where one limit ends and the other begins.

Over bridges, highways, open roads usually sport higher limits but as the road nears crowded areas, the speed changes depending on the surroundings. These signs help new out-of-town drivers to understand what speed limit to follow. Furthermore, they help prevent unnecessary road incidents.

When learning to drive, a good instructor will therefore always teach you to read various kinds of road signs too, for your safety,